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nutrition coaching

Nutrition is not (yet) an exact science. Hence it is not always easy to know what to eat. We know how that feels and will help you with it, no matter how your goals look like. We offer the following possibilities:

Nutrition plan

You’d rather have a strict plan to follow, telling you exactly how much to eat? Then this is your option. We take measurements of your body in the beginning and develop your personal nutrition guidelines based on your measurements and your goals. With the plan you’ll get a few menu ideas, but not a complete meal plan. You still have the freedom to choose the food you like from food lists and put together meals that you enjoy eating.

The costs for the nutrition plan including measurements are CHF 250. This option is a good fit for you, especially if you are looking to lose the last few pounds or increase your performance.

Nutrition Challenge

Two to three times a year we will have a 6-week Nutrition Challenge. All participants are measured in the beginning and get their individual nutrition guidelines. The difference to the nutrition plan is that we are doing the challenge as a group and you can share your experiences and meal ideas. The cost is the same (CHF 250) as for the nutrition plan.

The next challenge is starting on September 14th 2020. Make sure to sign up early ( and schedule your appointment to take the measurements in the week of January 6th 2020 .

Individual nutrition coaching on request with Coach Manu

You’d rather have personal coaching, helping you reach your goals, always here with advice and support. Then you might want to thing about a 1:1 approach starting with a detail analysis in the beginning and deciding what the best approach for you looks like. Get in contact with Manu via email to to fix an appointment.

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